Unlocked, Time To Kuzunga again.

I know some people don’t believe I spent 59 days in the house during lockdown

Many people were worried about me more than I was because they know I literally live on the road.

How I managed, I had a lot to read plus I took on some online courses.

Although the Lockdown took longer than I had anticipated, I knew it’d pass and I’d be out on the road happy and live again.

Happy to Travel again.

I set out to go to my three favorite districts in Uganda. But not working for 3 months had hit my account balance badly it left me with holes. Broke and struggling but I had to go somewhere to keep sane, I needed the treat.

I’d talk about budget travel but it’s a long topic, one day I’ll tell you about how I draw my budgets. I’m the queen of low budget travel and I mastered how to squeeze my pockets and come out with coins to kuzunga. It’s a priority so I make it happen.

I didn’t have a budget, you can’t have a budget if you have no money but you can draw one on the day of Travel according to what is available. To me Travel is therapy and after more than 3 months in the house and having very few people to confide in without judgement, I usually hit the road to forget and rejuvenate. On the road, far away from the usual, surrounded by nature is where my healing is.

Chilling at Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi, the life I love

The Three favorite districts, some have now become cities; Jinja, Kabarole and Kabale.

Jinja. Boat ride from Samuka Island
Lake Bunyonyi
A ride on Lake Nkuruba

Jinja is where I started on 26th July, this plan was kinda random. I saw a poster that there was transport to Samuka Island by the Chebei guys and I had to pay only 35,000ugx, talked to a few friends and they bought the idea although some didn’t show up. I was good, I had the best people on board.

Boat ride to Samuka Island.

Usually I fail to get people to travel with because people’s schedules don’t collide with mine and I stopped waiting for people to adjust, so I’m okay with traveling alone. I’m happy I found friends who said yes to the Jinja trip. Bakshi and Kenny I really appreciate you guys. My first trip with the two was to Kisumu and I had the best time with them. Never looked back, I always and will travel more and more with them because I’ve felt comfortable around them and they’re what I call good vibes. I hate group getaways because I’m not the person who easily gets along with people, I’m a generally shy person and not very patient with lots of things people do.(Working on my tolerance). I only get along with people from a distance, let me say online 🙈

Jinja we camped as Nile Park, it’s 25,000 UGX/night if you have your own tent. I have tents, Incase you’re looking to hire let me be your plug.

Our tents at Nile Camp, Source Of the Nile, Jinja.
With the squad having breakfast. L-R Bakshi, Telma and Kenny
Morning views of the Nile River

If you’ve been to Jinja, I’m sure you’ve seen Bannz Cafe and Grill around Namagunga. I highly recommend you stop by this place for a good meal.

Bannz Cafe and Grill

My original first plan was to first escape to Kabale(Hawk’s Lodge Bunyonyi) but transport was a challenge. I wasn’t ready to get on a bus in this Covid19 and somehow the gods made it happen. For a about a month, I had tried to find my way to Kabale. One Monday morning I called one of my bosses and he told me he’d be traveling to Kabale over the weekend. 10th July was a Friday and it was a good day to be out of the busy Capital.

Had plans to go with friends but it was abrupt nevertheless I was happy to go alone. It’d been more than a year since I was last at Hawk’s Eye Lodge. So many new developments, the log house that I didn’t leave there looks so beautiful and I was privileged to be one of the first guests to use the newly opened rooms.

More two swimming pools making them three at the facility, you can spend all day sipping on your favorite drink in the pool alone.

The views from the rooms are to die for. I had missed Lake Bunyonyi sounds, the soothing melodies from the birds, the serenity. You know Hawk’s Eye lodge is overlooking the Lake Bunyonyi so you can’t miss the beautiful sunsets. How I love watching the sun set over a Lake. The gods of Bunyonyi show off much. This is like home for me, I had missed the place. I spent a 7 days here, I needed it, I wanted to be alone.

The hike to the Blacksmiths, was great. The first time I tried it, I got back on a boda. Having grown up on flat land, I’m not into long hikes and Kabale hills aren’t easy but I’m getting there. This time I did all 16 kilometers, I deserve a medal please 😂

I also liked the new chef, he makes delicious mouth watering pizza.

Truthfully if I had travelled with people, my stay would have been shorter. Though it was cut short when I lost a brother, I have to travel from Kabale to Jinja within less than 12 hours to make it for burial. I managed to pay my last respects.

Mahoma falls. My second time here

24th July we hit the road for Kabarole with Kenny and Bakshi. It was Kenny’s first time yet he’s the driver but we made it time after setting off very late. Please don’t just visit Fort Portal town, Tour Kabarole. Been there many times but I can’t get enough of the magnificent views, the Crater lakes, the landscapes 😍

Been to about 30 of Kabarole’s crater lakes yet there’s more than 50 crater lakes and 15 rivers. I’ll keep going back until I see all the 50 lakes. Over the weekend, we visited 12 of them; Lake Nyinambuga this is the Lake on the 20k UG note, Nyamirima, Nyinabulitwa, Nyabikere, Kifuruka and Nyinambuga are twin lakes and Rukwanzi and Mwamba not far from Mahoma falls. Kifuruka, Katanda, Nyimirima and Nkuruba where we camped for 2 nights.

I randomly found this place on the internet, no one recommended it. This is how I usually find places to go to.

The services were not the best because apparently they’re not used to having Ugandan guests. At the facility there was a group of white people who were given more attention than us. Thankfully we connected with a Tour guide who also acts as a night watchman called Robert. He was very helpful that after we complained about service, he negotiated discounts for us. Note that I called these guys during lockdown and booked, I kept calling them to remind them about my reservation.

To be continued…

Enjoy the photos;

Sunsets at Hawk’s Eye Lodge

Wine at the Campfire.

Enturire on the House, Hammock chill at Hawk’s Eye Lodge

Happy Soul

On the Hike

The New Log House rooms

Watching sunsets at Lake Bunyonyi

    For more photos; check my Instagram @Hirolla256



“You are the storyteller of your life, and you can create your own legend or not” – Isabel Allende. 

My earliest memories and experiences of relationships are founded on playfulness. Relationships with my toys, caretakers, neighborhood, school, food, etc. Running through the rain, role-playing ‘mummy and daddy’ with ‘kakebe’ or metalic tins, digging holes in the compound for a game of ‘dool’, creating and crafting dolls among many others. When a child is born, the first thing we usually do is to make funny baby sounds and noises to try and communicate, try and get a connection of some sort. We make faces and make a fool of ourselves to the ordinary eye in an attempt to connect with this new being. So what happens to us as we grow older and find better and bigger things to occupy our minds? We lose our playfulness and in the end lose a…

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Go Where You Are Loved.

This year being the Covid year that we cancelled, I agreed to cancel any special days after all there’s nothing to celebrate.

Plus the past few days have been hectic, I’ve been here and there and some of you have seen me with big names in politics and accused me of many things on top of asking me for money but I’m still poor and one of you. I’ll tell this story another day.

A few weeks ago, there are people who really wanted to do a Bunyonyi trip with me during my birthday weekend, some I requested them while others asked. We made plans but I’ve learnt that most times things don’t go as planned due to unexpected issues, it’s life.

With excitement to spend a weekend away with a group of people, I booked a super custom to carry 8 people. Let me first tell you that the morning we were supposed to set off, only 3 people showed up yet the 2 were last minute additions. We all know how much it costs to hire a care per day and fuel all the way to Kabale!

Anyways we ended up traveling in Kenny’s Mark X. Kenny the one person from the original plan who didn’t give excuses out of the many people. Kenny has become my go to person because his car is always available to Kuzunga. We thought it wouldn’t do the hills of Kabale because it needed a few things to fix!

Set off time was supposed to be 7:30am but we set off at 8:30am.

I knew it was going to be good trip when we stopped in Kayabwe for photos at the Equator, the spirits were high. I hadn’t stopped at the Equator in a very long time, this time we represented Team Kuzunga well we weren’t in a hurry.

Kenny the Proline guy, that’s me in the Vipers jersey.

Penelope, Telma and Angela. It was a cold Thursday morning full of good vibes.

My main reason for this getaway was my birthday and I wanted to go to a place I’m comfortable at. A place full of love, nature, serenity, and Lake Bunyonyi is God’s own first creation.

I wanted to be away because usually I’m all alone and indoors replying to random Birthday messages, because that’s all I get. So this time I was ready to go all out.

I don’t expect anything to happen on my unless I’ve put much effort into it and this is what I was doing by inviting people I know are available for a getaway. I love to be alone but sometimes I don’t mind people if they’re good vibes and we get along well.

I’ve had memorable days but let me first tell you about my worst day; I’ll never forget the time I invited people for lunch on my birthday, I had to spend the whole day cooking while people ordered me around that I’m delaying their lunch. That was my worst birthday ever. I was tired and nothing seemed to be on time, I sweated away while the *friends* I had invited ordered me around instead of offering to help! I’ll never ever ever, I repeat I’ll never make any commitment to invite people over for anything if I have to cook.

That wasn’t even the worst part of it, some person decided to invite themselves to just make my day miserable! Will not go into details about this but this same person has been trying so hard to bring misery to my special days even when I’m miles away from them!

Birthday vibes.

This birthday weekend brought me people I had never even hangout with and I had blast thanks to Angela Asiimwe, she’s always a vibe. 3 days before 20th August, scheduled travel day, I talked to Angela about this trip and her reply was “it’s on short notice I’m sorry maybe next time”.

I don’t know how she pulled it off but the same day she sent me money for two people! This same Angela managed to convince another friend to drive to Kabale a day after we got there! You’ll love her when you get a chance to meet her.

She has a life time card for Team Kuzunga, I ❤️ her.

I want to also appreciate Parity the Proprietor Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi, for he gave me a second home in Kabale. A home I can collect my friends and family and go have a blast on discounted rates. A home we are well taken care of like we paid 100%. Hawk’s Eye lodge is more than just a home away from home. Thank you Mr. Twinomujjuni.

If you want a holiday at Hawk’s Eye lodge, talk to me nicely. 😂

! Ready for Zip-lining.

The program although not in that order went on as planned. The staff at Hawk’s Eye lodge are very kind, they’ll move your bags from up to down even when you tell them to relax, they don’t stop till you settle in well. Too much love and kindness.

The boat cruise was fun, the weather was so kind on day two, we made it for zip lining. I had to do 2 return trips just to scream my heart out, I also wanted to deep my hair in the Lake since I fear to swim in the second deepest lake in Africa.

Angie who was afraid of doing the return trip enjoyed more than us even 😂

Although the Lodge has three swimming pools now, we didn’t get a chance to show off our bikini bodies. It started raining as soon as we got to the swimming pool on day 2 otherwise I was ready to break the internet with bikini photos.

The program.

Friday 21st August my birthday, we woke up at 7am and the first activity was Hiking. I’m slowly getting used to Kabale hills, about to start negotiating for land. What I loved mostly about it was the team work, bambi Angie didn’t want to hike but we held her hand, we waited for her and she agrees the views were worth it.

These wonderful people made my 2020 birthday very memorable and I can’t thank them enough.

Dear Hawk’s Eye Lodge, this is what Angela Asiimwe said, “My most interesting part about the trip was one the hospitality, the food, the zip lining was life changing for me because I hadn’t done it before. You people inspired me.

The beautiful scenery of Hawk’s eye, from all corners of the Lodge, the views are very beautiful.

I had a great time at the boat cruise, the music we blasted too much.

This whole trip was perfect, the company did a better part of it too.”

Like I keep saying, you don’t need many friends and a lot of money to be happy.

I hate writing long stories so I won’t tell you about the stomach upset I got that almost stopped reggae 🙈

I’m grateful for another year. I hope I get money as I grow older, I’m really tired of poverty. I hope I can afford more trips this new year. I hope I age like fine wine and I hope the new age doesn’t come with limitations to anything especially the things I enjoy doing like travelling. I hope I find more friends who can randomly Kuzunga with me. I hope I get to see the world. Also my wish this year is to get a camera to document all my travels more and maybe start a You Tube channel to share my experiences with you.

Don’t forget to checkout my Instagram page @Hirolla256 for more photos about the trip.

Thank you for reading.

President Team Kuzunga.

Future Minister of Tourism

Jinja City Woman MP to be.

Let’s Go To The East.

I’m not the type that goes to a restaurant and asks for salad, but on a random kuzunga day to Jinja we stopped at @BannzNileGrill, a friend who doesn’t like meat much suggested I taste his salad.This salad is what people call tongue orgasm! I’ve never tasted salad that mouth watering, I swear this is the best I’ve ever tasted. I had to order for my plate of chicken salad. 

Before I tell you about the other foods on the menu, Bannz Nile Grill Cafe is found in Namagunga along Kampala-Jinja highway before Lugazi. It’s strategically located for travelers. Team Kuzunga this is the best highway restaurant in Uganda no doubt. 

See my excitement when I got to this beautiful place

Their menu is rich, I got a chance to interact with one of the chefs called Gerald(they have 7 chefs). If you want fish, ask for Gerald to make his special fish in coconut for you. Gerald is a Samia, Ugandans we all know why I’ve mentioned Gerald’s tribe. It’s fish I’m talking about. Heard the stories about samias and fish?

On their menu, you’ll also find the Trio Bannz Nile Grill Darn; it comes with Beef, chicken, fish and any food of your choice but it’s mostly served with fries. This meal can feed a whole family. 

I also enjoyed the cocktails, they make a variety of them. Both alcoholic and nonalcoholic. 

And for drivers doing long distances, please stop by and ask for a free double espresso, yes Wycliff the manager said it’s free. 

If you’re out of time to stop and wait for your order, You just have to call the manager Wycliffe on 0700606723, give him your order and you’ll find your takeaway ready. 

They have a roadside grill, a pizza kitchen and I’m thinking next time I go back, I should pizza. 

For you travelers who want to charge your phones, they have sockets in all corners of the restaurant.

They also offer car mechanical services. 

I’ve been traveling around East Africa and my question has always been, why don’t Africans consider toilets of great importance when starting their businesses? 

Then I find Bannz Grill, If you don’t stop for the food, stop for the fresh air, or to use their washrooms. Please don’t go to the Bush to ease yourself. They have clean washrooms in separate units for children, ladies and gentlemen. All sparkling clean. 

The place is open from 5am to midnight, it has ample parking space and security 24 hours. 

You can checkout their pages; Facebook Bannz Nile Grill, Twitter @bannzNilegrill and IG ; @bannznile

I shot my shot.

It was a sunny weekend 🌞

The green makes me calm

I’m always searching for the road less travelled, pushing myself to find new adventures and of course, jumping on any opportunity that comes. The wallet is always opposing my plans, we are always fighting but happiness usually wins. I hope one day we’ll agree with my wallet, I hope one day we shall be tight and there won’t be trust issues my dear wallet.

This weekend I jumped on the Mt. Slayers shooting plan.

When @oleebranch told me about it, my response was like usual, “why not?”. But I asked her if there was hiking, I wouldn’t want to embarrass her.

Kapeeka was a new route I’ve never been to, let’s hit the road.

Anything to go out of town, anywhere I can enjoy nature, do something new!

Shooting guns is an adrenaline game, it’s an experience I needed. I had never touched a gun in my life so my excitement was over the moon. Don’t quote me wrong here, professionals out there shooting people!

When growing up, I admired the U.S marshals, maybe my dream of becoming one is still valid. After this experience, I’m reconsidering. I touched a gun for the first time, I loaded it, cocked and fired!

I might have freaked out after I heard the loud gun shots, but I later held that gun and shot my shots.

The thrill was good, in one weekend for very little money I did two activities I had never done before. I also rode a horse for the first time, this is one thing I had been posting for a very long time.

The guys there were so nice to us.

For the record, this is the cheapest getaway full of activities I’ve done so far.

Thank you Mountain Slayers for hanging with me. I respect you people, you move mountains and I can’t even walk 5 kilometers on flat ground!

How we checked in.

The team, don’t ask what the Chinese words mean 😂

Loading the machine.

I’m not good with Animals but Tilly guided me through this, sooth it, talk to it, pretend you’re having a conversation. ..

Ride the horse with a big smile.

The blesser at Cafe Javas Lugogo after buying our meals for the day.

And it was time to cock that gun.

My happy people

Ready to hit the road.

If You have to go anywhere…!

When we travel, we travel to experience the world. We go on vacations to escape life, to relax, to create memories, to renew and reflect on life. We travel to learn, to be lost, to find ourselves. 


Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi gives you the whole package at an affordable cost. Located on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi, is a glorious gem of a lodge that should drive your wanderlust to check it out someday. 

When I hear about Kabale, the first thing that comes to my mind is the picturesque Lake Bunyonyi. It’s a great experience on the lake of many small birds “Bunyonyi”.

With such a magnificent view, the sound, the weather, the calmness and quietness will make you want to relocate to Kabale. 

And if you’re a lover of sunsets, you should see the sun set at Lake Bunyonyi.

The location of Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi, standing on top of a hill along the banks of Lake Bunyonyi gives you the best view you’d love write home about. Imagine you don’t have to leave your cottage to experience this beauty. 

In order to give its visitors an exquisiteness of experience, Hawk’s Eye Lodge positioned all its cottages to be facing the lake. You also take a hot shower with a clear view of the lake. 

If you’re looking for that soundless opportunity to get intimate with nature, don’t die without visiting Lake Bunyonyi.

Are you an adventurous person, Hawk’s Eye Lodge Bunyonyi has a number of activities lined up for you – bird watching, boat rides, swimming, hiking, sightseeing, sunset watching, zip lining etc. 

If you love birds, the team at Hawk’s Eye Lodge will take you around to see all the birds their cottages are named after. If you’re in luck and you find the owner, Parity, request him to take you for a free Hike. I believe Hawk’s Eye Lodge (www.hawkseyelodge.co.ug) has a unique experience for everyone. 

I need to find strength to write

I have nothing to publish because I haven’t written anything in a long time yet I have many stories to tell. All these random travels I’ve been going to, I hope I get sometime to write. The quote below motivates me to go places, I wish I’d afford every place I’ve dreamed of!

By the way I found a home in Kabale, checkout the photos below. The place is called Hawk’s Eye Lodge. If you ever want to visit, hit me up please.

“When something good happens, travel to celebrate.

If something bad happens, travel to forget it,

If nothing happens, travel to make something happen.”

#Unknown “When something good happens, travel to celebrate.

If something bad happens, travel to forget it,

If nothing happens, travel to make something happen.”